Julie Kabat

Composer Julie Kabat has performed her music in concerts throughout the United States, Canada, and Japan. She accompanies her voice with glass harmonica and a wide range of homemade and ethnic instruments. As an arts educator of national renown, Julie draws on over twenty years' experience working with adults and children from diverse backgrounds.

  Recent and Upcoming Events

Recordings of her music available on Leonarda
and Centaur labels

Hailed by the late John Hammond of CBS Records as "a truly original and enchanting artist"

Presenting workshops on music, learning and creativity at national and regional conferences and arts retreats, sponsored by Music Teachers National Association.

Composing a large-scale audience participation piece to celebrate the earth at the Utah New Music Festival.

  Collaborations with the Acting Center


Co-led with Karen De Mauro
Two professional artists guide your group on a musical journey to release the creative spirit.

The Sacred Noh Theatre of Japan:
Co-led with De Mauro;
This three hour participatory lecture-demo shows up to 30 people how to use Noh concepts to enhance daily spiritual growth.