Acting as a Way


Karen De Mauro leads individuals and groups through the dance of life in a fresh and evocative way. You can tap into the power of "Acting as a Way" by experiencing a single performance or participating in an all day workshop. You can also experience the best of both worlds: a workshop customized for your group and a unique performance by Ms. De Mauro.

"Acting as a Way" program addresses spiritual work and lifelong growth issues for the "actor in everyone"


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  Performances and Workshops
for Any Organization:

Delivering the Gospel
This two day intensive workshop is co-led by John Stapleton, renowned Methodist Pastor, with special interest in the "Sound and the Word". Small groups of 8-10 preachers assemble in NY City three times a year to hone their preaching and delivery styles.

Faces of God
A one-hour play with music centered on Julian of Norwich. This 12th Century mystic finds lessons in everything —from the simple beauty of a leaf to the pain and passion of life’s journey.

Nature’s Book of Hours
A contemporary and contemplative journey based on the format of The Medieval Book of Hours. This one-day workshop creates an environment that invites illumination, awareness and acceptance.

The Embodied Word
A participatory workshop experience using The Psalms to engage the whole body.

Money: Strategies and Stories
A one-day experiential workshop co-led with author Jerrold Mundis.
The workshop uses stories and presents practical strategies which integrate finance and spirit.

Spirit in the Workplace
Reflective practices for executives which link daily activities to a sense of deeper purpose.

Group or Private Sessions

For current schedules and more information call: 212-675-6944.


Business Hours: 9am-6pm

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"Within each of us, there is the power to perform,
to transformand to take ourselves and those
around us to new places."