Karen De Mauro has been an Artist-in-Residence for over 30 years, and has written over 50 original musicals. Collaborating with Broadway musical composers, she takes the power of theatre and brings it to students and teachers, permanently altering their learning landscape.

Educational Program Offerings

Creating An Original Musical
An awe-inspiring program that empowers 100 students to rehearse and perform a musical in one week.

How it works

The Performalong! for Kids of All Ages
Mobilize your students and explore how art brings a topic alive. With the Performalong process, you can create a mini-musical 50 students in one day.

Participatory Storytelling for Kids of All Ages
Experience motivating storytelling that captivates and inspires by trying on a wide range of themes, styles and music.

Creative Drama Workshops for Grades K-8
Immerse students in the basics of drama through highly participatory 45-minute classroom sessions, where they learn theater skills that also build life skills such as focus and motivation.

Classroom Journeys for Grades 2 and up
Create "story journeys" that integrate games, drama exercises and arts activities based on the theme or story of your choice

Teacher Training Workshops
Focus on how to enhance learning in the classroom using hands-on drama techniques and structures that honor individual teaching styles.

Nature Program Offerings

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Science resume

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Sample of Nature/Science Programs

Site Specific Habitat Walks

Notes from the Field


The Acting Center begins its new nature & science storytelling initiative this year. A wide range of special programs that focus on the natural world in general and on "wetlands" in particular are listed in the Education pages of this website.

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The Cathedral of St. John the Divine is a true sacred arts forum.
In late 2001 the Cathedral Gift Shop suffered a terrible fire.
As a way of creating revenue for the Fire Damage Fund,
Karen De Mauro and the kids at PS11 school made a 40-minute storytelling tape about the gift of the Cathedral's mentoring and neighborhood involvement.

To order the tape and benefit the fund click here.


For current schedules and more information call: 212-675-6944.

Business Hours: 9am-6pm



“ I hear and I forget
I see and I remember
I do and I understand”
- Confucius