During my recent return trip to South Carolina's Congaree Swamp National Monument, Program Director Fran Rametta, expressed his desire to find experiential ways to join the arts with nature education. He talked about how he and science educator, John Rich, are finding ways to blend accurate scientific information with quality art experiences and visitor-centered interpretation.

"As far as drama," he said, "we don't know how that works at all!"

Fran's enthusiasm for drama and storytelling encouraged me to go more deeply than ever into how the dynamic interaction of the "Drama of Green-Education" works. Rhyming slogans danced in my head

     Stories that Catalyze
     Readings that Recognize
     Discussions that Mobilize

And as they danced, three decades of my work as a theatre educator shaped these slogans into action plans for group activities. This whole nature quest accelerated when my love for the lure and lore of swamps led me to blend good natural history writing with story. On my 53rd birthday. Ken's gift to me was a trip to the South Carolina swamps, wetlands, and waterscapes of Four Holes at Beidler, Congaree, and the windswept wilds of Cape Romaine. Mary Oliver, Paul Renendez, and Barbara Hurd would be proud of the pleasure trips promoted by their sculpted poetry and prose. The more Ken and I traveled, the more I fell in love with these wetland worlds where water and land intermingle with such mystery and magic.

A life in theatre forms a fascinating foundation from which to grow one more voice for the natural world. The programs below offer a wide range of formats from the intimate to the very public. Choose from among them to create your own unique bouquet of local colors and recipes for local flavors.

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