Walking With Thoreau And Friends*

This site-specific walk begins with a 45-minute workshop. Each participant chooses a personal focus for the day. This focus can be a topic of their own choosing or may be selected from the facilitator's list: "Outer Nature/Inner Paths". The list's suggestions include, "Spacious Listening", "Gathering Beauty", "Searching For Patterns", "The Power Of Naming", and "The Texture & Gesture of Connection". Then each participant receives Quote Cards from a featured naturalist such as Thoreau, Lopez, Dillard, Abbey, or Teale, as well as a Card featuring a nature poet such as Wilke, Oliver, Rogers, Graham, or Berry.

The quote cards are used as catalysts for personal reflection at stopping points along the path throughout the day. Short group experiences such as "Embodied Speaking", "Spontaneous Haiku Creation", and "Simple Story Shaping" are interspersed with stretches of Silent Attentiveness, Moving Meditation, and pure Pleasure Ambling.

At the end of the day, participants regroup for an informal presentation by the facilitator of poems and stories about being together in nature.

This experience works best in a full-day format. But half-day sessions are also available.

The overall structure of the "Habitat Walks" is designed only as an outline. The specific nature of the site determines the activities, authors, as well as the focuses to be used. As facilitator, Karen De Mauro welcomes co-leadership with on-site personnel. Local knowledge grounds the experience in richness of detail and fosters a greater sense of intimacy with the place.

*Featured authors include Rachel Carson, Edwin May Teale, Ralph Waldo Emerson, William Wordsworth, Annie Dillard, Joseph Wood Krutch, John Muir, and others.

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