Business meetings benefit deeply from the richness of story. As tellers know, stories do much more than entertain and engage. They also deepen meaning, foster retention of information, and create connection through emotions, images, and sensations. Business presenters know this too. The unique relationship between a teller and an audience allows listeners to create their own story along with the presenter. This cocreation increases listener investment in and connection to the business topics, products, and plans.

Storytelling in business requires that presenters shape the story in the way that best serves the situation at hand. For example, it is often better to tell an anecdote rather than the entire story. Connections between the story, goal, or featured product of the meeting often have to be quite explicit. The speaker also has to make smooth transitions into the story and contextualize it so that it fits into the overall tone of the meeting.

Business audiences like to be told what to look for. They are very concerned about what the "take away" is, and need to be shown how the point the story makes furthers their business goals. Also, because people go to work everyday, ensouling business through story can be a first step towards major change in daily work environments as a whole. Stories provide new ways of relating during meetings and can even act as catalysts for changing the way business is done.

This workshop teaches presenters:

  • How to Hone: The Hook, The Highpoint, and The Close

  • Time, Timing, and Respect for "Business Time"

  • Keeping Soul Alive in the Boardroom

  • Accessibility: Authenticity Plus Appropriateness

  • Creating a "Story Bank" of Anecdotes & Examples