Individual Presentation Coaching brings skillful personal attention to you and your specific needs. The work is tailored to enhance your personal style so that you can be fully present in public. It trains you to meet and then to exceed industry standards.

In these one on one sessions you will develop a long-term reservoir of streamlined rehearsal processes, situation-specific stories and anecdotes, and ways to present complex technical information.

The process also trains you to blend careful preparation with spontaneity, and to increase engagement through audience analysis and interactive practices. It provides you with ways to prioritize and sequence content in order to prepare effectively and efficiently.

Individual coaching is client-specific and gives you practical tools to handle any personal technical speech problem areas such as speed, volume, and vocal regionalisms. You will also learn to size up special audience needs in advance. Concerns like "presenting up", "filling huge spaces", "making statistics and case studies come alive", "handling interruptions with grace", and "guidelines for slides" will be covered